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Sourcing as a Service

Stop wasting time and resources on inefficient sourcing strategies. The Brainbox Sourcing as a Service package supports your organization in reducing costs, reducing workload, and in generating increased bottom-line savings. We run your sourcing events, so you can focus on what you do best.

Guided Buying Services

Start buying the right things, the right way. Brainbox Guided Buying Services for SAP Ariba make sure that the benefits of Guided Buying are fully leveraged, user experience is maximized, and that organization-wide compliance is well maintained.

Procurement Opportunity Scan

Uplift your procurement organization with cutting-edge analytics and have our consultants identify quick wins and long-term improvements. Brainbox conducts an assessment of your procurement organization by using quantitative and qualitative data as input. The assessment focuses on three pillars. Namely, people, processes, and technology.

Seller Enablement Services

Becoming a supplier on Ariba Network will impact ordering and invoicing processes within organizations. Seller Enablement Services make sure that Ariba Network is positioned efficiently within existing workflows and that its powers are fully harnessed.

SAP Ariba Procurement Operations Desk Implementation

Procurement Operations Desk is an SAP Ariba feature that streamlines the procurement team productivity, scalability, and performance by automating and standardizing procurement operational activities or source-to-settle requests.

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