SAP Ariba Seller Enablement Services Capitalize on being an SAP Ariba Supplier

What are the SAP Ariba Seller Enablement Services?

Over 5.2 million vendors are transacting over the Ariba Network. However, a lot of these businesses are not yet making full use of the benefits that Ariba has to offer. This service package is specifically put together to aid vendors with optimizing workflows, catalog management and sales opportunities.

The package is modular and only the features which make sense in the business case will be selected. This can be seller integration, which integrates the (SAP or non-SAP) ERP system with Ariba Network. But may also include setting up effective (punchout) catalog- or user-management landscapes.

How do the SAP Ariba Seller Enablement Services work?

We acknowledge that the Ariba Supplier Portal can be overwhelming and notice that organizations find it challenging to translate its features into actual business cases. Some features may not even be known or are too “techy” to apprehend. For these reasons, our seller enablement services start with an assessment of the current processes and a discussion of the envisioned future state. Our consultants capture your needs, your vision and create suggestions for further engagements which  will then be implemented during the project phase.


SAP Ariba is mutual beneficial for buyers and vendors. By digitizing document flows a lot can be gained in terms of efficiency and accuracy. It is a crucial KPI for sales organizations to reduce the order-to-cash cycle. SAP Ariba offers tremendous value in this regard. Brainbox can help your sales organization to unlock the value within the SAP Ariba supplier portal.

Faster order-to-cash cycle

Flexible workflows within the SAP Ariba Supplier portal

More reliable analytics with SAP Ariba reports

Drive more business through the SAP Ariba portal by maximizing sales opportunities

User specific dashboards

Less errors in the order-to-cash process

SAP Ariba Seller Enablement Services

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