Procurement Opportunity Scan An as-is assessment that is mapping your journey to best of class.

What is the Procurement Opportunity Scan?

Procurement organizations often struggle to identify areas of improvement. There are numerous root causes that lead to this business dilemma. Organizations may not have the capabilities, processes, or technology to properly support the ever-growing number of business requirements. In addition, it may not always be clear what actions need to be taken to drive continuous improvements in the procurement landscape.

By performing the Procurement Opportunity Scan, Brainbox helps organizations to identify areas of improvement. The assessment focuses on people, processes, and technology. Our methodology includes a detailed spend analysis, an assessment of the procurement operating model, and a thorough review of policies and processes. After the data collection and analysis, our consultants provide actionable recommendations that guide procurement organizations down the road of procurement excellence.

How does Brainbox execute the Procurement Opportunity Scan?

The Procurement Opportunity Scan’s activities are split into four phases: Assess, Analysis & insight assessment, Gap Assessment, and Report. During the assess phase Brainbox consultants will collect spend data and assess the procurement and supply chain operating model. In the analysis phase, spend, policies, and processes are examined. After which the gaps are assessed in the third phase. The concluding fourth phase contains the drawing up of a report that will provide actionable recommendations and a delivery road map.


Where do we stand and how can we improve from this current state? These are the questions that the Procurement Opportunity Scan will answer. The recommendations identify specific elements within procurement organizations that need to be improved in order to take the business to a higher level.

Increased process efficiency

Mitigate supply chain risk

Better data insights into spending

Higher reliability of procurement processes

Identify savings

Increased levels of compliance

Procurement Opportunity Scan

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