At Brainbox, we have developed a test automation framework for end to end application testing of web and mobile android platforms (testing on IOS platform is under development). Thframework uses a keyword driven approach (similar to BDD) where the Test Cases and Test Steps can be defined via simple English, specified in an excel document. 

The Excel document consists of “Test Scenario Overview” and Test Case specifications with an option to indicate if the Test Case should be executed or not. In the video, there is a demonstration of how our framework can be used to test web and mobile applications.

Why this Test Framework? 

  • Uses OS/platform independent open source tools like Python, Selenium and Appium Studio.
  • Framework supports testing of web applications on different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. 
  • Supports automation of hybrid test scenario consisting test steps and verification across applications on Web and Mobile platform. 
  • Flexibility to choose which Test Case one wants to run and also select which Test Steps to include. 
  • Easy integration with CI/CD. 
  • Easy integration with third party reporting frameworks like Allure. 

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