Digitalising Procurement for Mid-sized Companies A tailored, scalable, subscription-based solution for mid-sized companies that takes care of
procurement and manages spends

What is Brainbox SAP Ariba SNAP Packaged Solution?

Mid-size market companies often find it a challenge to keep business running in the face of changing markets and cost pressures, time spent negotiating and purchasing best deals and constantly driving sustainable business strategies without the financial means and tools of established businesses.

Brainbox SAP Ariba SNAP Packaged Solution replaces this manual workload, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency with a simple packaged solution that does the end-to- end work for you, from buying to invoicing, with the flexibility tailored to your budget.

How does the Brainbox SAP Ariba SNAP Packaged Solution work ?

A subscription-based solution that combines the cloud implementation of a SAP Ariba Product with Brainbox’s expert support services, SAP Ariba SNAP Packaged Solution is designed exclusively for growing businesses. It is preconfigured spend categories that caters to your specific industry, with easy access to millions of onboarding suppliers completely free, including Guided Buying, Spot Buy and Purchase Orders.

Our vision is that our clients should only be engaged in activities related to their core business. Hence, our subscription model allows for unlimited support and (catalog)updates to unburden our clients.

We guard the quality and content of your procurement system, while you continue with everyday operations. The subscription includes implementation and configuration of all the required functionalities to improve your procurement process. This packaged solution also includes quality support during and after the implementation phase such as, catalog enablement, supplier enablement, incident resolution and much more.


For mid-sized companies, Brainbox offers rapid deployment of the implementation of SAP Ariba Packaged Solution. SNAP comprises of a standardised SAP Ariba package, a subscription-based model which can be implemented rapidly to scale your business. This procurement solution enables general businesses to reap the benefits of the Ariba platform.

Rapid Deployment: 9 weeks implementation

More flexibility by eliminating financial planning surprises due to fixed monthly payments

Access to expert knowledge to both business and technology, with our experience consultants

Connect with suppliers from Day 1 through the Ariba Network

Control spend with up to 2.5% savings of total spend

Up to 100% compliance with the SAP Ariba Spot buy Catalog integration

SAP Ariba SNAP Packaged Solution

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Our Pricing

Browse through our packages to select one that fits your budget and fulfils your company’s needs. Enjoy full implementation of SAP Ariba and have it up and running in just 9 weeks.

Silver Gold Diamond
9--Weeks Implementation
  • Guided Buying
  • Spot Buy
  • Catalog Requisition
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • Testing

  • Additional Services Silver Gold Diamond
    Supplier Enablement
    Incident resolution
    Daily Master data monitoring
    Fix technical issues
    Predefined Sla For inciden
    Support timings
    Catalog Enablement
    Manual Master & Transactional Data
    Configurations Modifications
    Analyze and Implement Quarterly Features
    Unlimited number of tickets
    Global/Extended support (16*5)
    Negotiated SLA
    Roll Out to new business/legal entity
    Training and training Material
    IT change & Release Management
    Customer defined SLA
    Innovation and optimization

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