Brainbox Static Punchout Catalogs Convert Punchout Catalogs to Static Catalogs

What is Brainbox Static Punchout Catalogs?

The Brainbox Static Punch-Out Catalogs is an application extension for SAP Ariba. With Punch-Out catalogs come certain limitations such as: reduced search capabilities, users have to leave the SAP Ariba interface, and users will not have the option to compare catalog items. For these reasons, regular static catalogs are preferred. Brainbox has developed a tool that will convert Punchout catalogs into static catalogs for each supplier separately. This will add to a uniform catalog where users can navigate more easily.

How do Brainbox Static Punchout Catalogs work?

Our tool will scan the webshop of the supplier and collects the necessary data for crating the catalogs. This includes price, image and the item details. The add-on automatically collects these data based on a desired interval. The input files are converted into a CIF format and will be uploaded on the Ariba Network.

Once a trading relationship has been established, the catalogs are visible in P2P as well as in Guided Buying. From a user perspective, there is nothing different than ordering regular static catalog items which adds to a uniform purchasing process.


Organizations are looking for a standardized purchasing process for two key reasons. Increased efficiency and high adoption. Standardization leads to efficiency and will increase throughput in the procurement and accounts payable departments. Uniformity is also important to stimulate adoption by creating a seamless user experience in the SAP Ariba environments.

Takes minimal effort to implement

Search for content directly in P2P or Guided Buying

Less ad-hoc purchases lead to more visibility on spend in reports

One-stop-shop, no need to enter external webstores

Better visibility leads to more catalog use

Easily compare catalog items in SAP Ariba

Brainbox Static Punchout Catalogs

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