Brainbox Sourcing Maturity Quiz How well does your organization perform in the sourcing domain?

Sourcing Maturity
0 – 45 Your organisation does not have effective procurement processes. We would strongly recommend that you work on this first, especially if you have the in-house resources and capabilities to put this right.
50 – 75 You have some basics in place, but there’s a lot of potential you’re missing out on. We can partner with you to transform your procurement organisation, but you’re not ready to run sourcing events just yet until we’ve done some ground work.
80 – 105 Procurement is pretty well managed in terms of controlling the leakage and having structure. There are a few things holding you back from being in the top quartile though. We can help you get there as your partner.
110 – 140 You’re running a tight ship already. If you’re looking for some extra support to maintain momentum and drive this forward, especially if you have limited resources, get in touch!

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