Brainbox SAP Ariba Digital Supplier Network Automating transactional communication with suppliers

What is Brainbox SAP Ariba Digital Supplier Network?

Connectivity has never been more important than today. In our personal lives, connecting with each other is just a friction-less click away. In business however this is not as easy as it could be, yet. SAP Ariba has developed the Digital Supplier Network, a service that streamlines the (transactional) connection between buyer – seller relationships.

How does the Digital Supplier Network add value?

The Digital Supplier Network (DSN) exchanges documents over the Ariba Network. The Ariba Network acts as the place where buyers and sellers can find each other and transact with each other. The network enables seamless integration and reduces the manual tasks that were previously necessary in order to process purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, goods received, order confirmations and invoice statuses.

DSN enables organizations to minimize the time spend on administrative activities and allows them to focus on the operational aspects of procurement.


A seamless supply chain assists companies in achieving transparency, efficiency and reliability. DSN contributes to these domains by supporting a friction-less transactional document flow. The purpose of DSN is to bring organizations closer together and maximize the benefit from trading relationships.

Automation: Eliminate Paperwork

More flexibility by eliminating financial planning surprises due to fixed monthly payments

Strategic cashflow management

Connect and collaborate with suppliers at lower costs and increased efficiency

Transparency due to real time updates and transactions

No upfront implementation costs

SAP Ariba Digital Supplier Network

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