Ariba Feature Release 2008/3

Adding quantity-based pricing in guided buying requests

SAP Ariba has released a new feature in Ariba Guided Buying. This feature enables users to request items with a different ordering quantity than 1. To start using this new feature the parameter “PARAM_ENABLE_PRICE_BASED_QUANTITY” needs to be enabled in Guided Buying.

They introduced a set of new elements in the catalog file to configure quantity-based pricing:

  • Price Unit Quantity: A certain quantity where the price is based on, examples:
    • A carton with 2 liters of milk
    • A box with 10 units of pencils
    • A bag with 5 kilograms of salt
  • Unit Conversion: the multiple that can be ordered:
    • If unit conversion is 1: The carton with 2 liters of milk can be split into 2. If the requester orders a quantity of 1, he/she orders and pays 1 liter instead of 2 liters.
    • If unit conversion is 2: The carton cannot be split because the unit conversion is the same as the price unit quantity. If a quantity of 1 is selected, the carton with 2 liters is ordered.

If unit conversion is less than the price unit quantity, the requester can order sub-quantities of a package. In this case, a box of pencils contains 10 units. If unit conversion is set at 1, the requester can purchase individual pencils from the box.

SAP Ariba Quantity Based Pricing

When unit conversion matches the price unit quantity (10), the requester is only able to purchase full pencil boxes. In this case, when a requester orders 1 unit, 10 pencils are ordered.

SAP Ariba Quantity Based Pricing

The formula used to calculate the individual price is:

Order Quantity * (Unit Price / Price Unit Quantity) * Unit Conversion = Estimated Price per Unit.


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