Brainbox Who We Are Brainbox Consulting & Innovation creates cutting-edge, innovative IT solutions, with a focus on making your digital transformation seamless, structured and simplified.

About Us

Established in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Brainbox Consulting B.V. is a company with simple origins, but cutting edge ideas, unyielding knowledge in the IT industry and innovative solutions in combination with a detailed care for people and businesses.

The cornerstone of the Brainbox Consulting philosophy is that business is personal. People collaborate with people to produce exemplary results. Our unique ability to combine cultural identity with technical requirements has earned Brainbox Consulting a reputation as a highly trusted partner. We are equally passionate about our Consultants, our Clients and our Partners. Our rich IT legacy combined with unyielding care for our people and business is the driving force behind all we do.

Grid Vision Mission Company Values Goals Item 1 Vision Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. Get Started Item 2 Mission To be the end-to-end Procurement, DevOps, QA and IT service provider for large and mid- size businesses. Get Started Item 3 Company Values Brainbox is built on the values of quality, integrity, honesty and keeping customers at the centre of everything we do. Our values incorporate people and processes and give us a unique advantage in helping you achieve your goals. Get Started Item 4 Goals Brainbox aspires to be a collaborator and innovator across the board for mid-size and large companies or businesses designing customised solutions and innovating new technological solutions whether it is optimizing their procurement strategies, software enablements or more. Our rich IT legacy combined with our unyielding care for our people and business is what defines us. The cornerstone of the Brainbox Consulting philosophy is that business is personal. Our unique ability in combining technical requirements with cultural fit has earned us the reputation of a highly trusted technological partner. Get Started Discover Possibilities There are loads of awesome templates available in our Slider Template Library

Our Team Members

One of our favorite things about Brainbox is our team. While a number of us are based in Eindhoven,  our experts origins lie in a global setting.

Jai Bharat Maram
Managing Partner
Juraj Antonak
Sr. Consultant
John Mohan
Sr. Lead Consultant
Shruthi H.S
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Srini Ippilli
Managing Partner
Orcun Akkoc
Sr. Software Engineer
Pranjal Srivastava
Sr. Software Engineer
Samyuktha (1)
Samyuktha Tholety
Sr. DevOps Engineer
Shareen Taj
Sr.Software Engineer
Sandeep Kumar
Sr. Software Engineer
Kenny Weijenberg
Sr. Data Specialist
Sujith somasundaran
Sujith Somasundaran
Sr. Test Engineer
PassportSizePhoto (1)
Hareesh H
Sr. Software Engineer
Soumik Acharyya
Sr. Software Engineer
Sadhana Pradhan
Sr. Software Engineer
Yeswanth K
Sr. Software Engineer
MicrosoftTeams-image (1)
Elamcheliyan A
Sr. Software Engineer
Sateesh Sr Consultant2
Sateesh Karumanchi
Senior Consultant
Abhishek's photo
Abhishek Tiwari
Software Engineer
Anudeep Gadi Cloud Developer
Gadi Sai Anudeep
Cloud Developer
Ratharaman Partner1
Ratha Ramanan
Partner – Product & Consulting
Rohit Hire Consultant1
Rohit Hire
Abdullah Shariff
Sr. Fun/Tech Consultant
rajesh patil
Rajesh Patil
Functional Consultant
Ravindran 1
Ravindran Krishnamurthy
Sr Functional Consultant
Adinagesha Sharoff
Jaime Jones
Jaime Jones
Senior Consultant

Our Satisfied Customers

Clients look at Brainbox as co-partners in creating and collaborating on services and solutions that resolve their challenges. Our customers know that we are always available to troubleshoot, intervene, resolve and address their problems with innovative solutions centred around their business. Our main strength lies in understanding the needs of our customers to create innovative solutions.

Consulting Director

Altran uses the services of Brainbox to help us fulfilling the talent needs of our clients and internal project organization. Their trustworthiness, domain expertise, commitment and pleasant communication is highly appreciated and helps us to grow by hiring only the best knowledge migrants available. We are looking forward to a long and even more successful cooperation in the future

SAP Ariba
Consulting Director

We have engaged Brainbox Consulting on multiple SAP Ariba deployments. They consistently deliver projects at a high standard with excellent customer feedback. Brainbox Consulting has proven to be a trusted partner that exemplifies excellence, professional communication and integrity

Our Partners


About Strijp-S

Brainbox is located in one of the most renowned areas — a former industrial park in the Eindhoven district of Strijp-S. From the year 2000s, a myriad of creative companies has housed in the old industrial building, which previously belonged to electronics giant Philips.

Strijp-S is a magnet for all your business experimentation that is also known for urban sports and world-class events. With the high standard of customers being available to take up our services, we have proven to be a trusted partner in the giant tech area. It is a social bowl where innovation, creativity, design, crafty entrepreneurs and institutions come together. Dynamic interaction is stimulated by the residents, visors, companies, universities, and students.

It served Brainbox to make room for ideas and all the facilities to test our cutting edge innovative process.

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